The miracle of birth happens at conception not at delivery.

Jeremiah 1:4  Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.

Did you know, at the moment of conception there is a burst of light around that newly formed life.

Did you know, at the moment of conception that little individual no bigger than a grain of sand has unique (DNA) Dioxin Nucleic Acid, and more than 100 different characteristics of that person has already been decided.

Did you know, by the time you draw your first breath, you are already nine months old.

This little person deserves all the rights and protections that are provided in our Constitution. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Medically referred to as a zygote, you were developing at an exponential rate.  It will take you about five days to move down the fallopian tube and embed yourself into the uterus.  At this point you are medically referred to as a blastocyst and start drawing nutrients from your mother.  After another five days you will be referred to medically as an embryo and in about eight days as an embryo you will have a detectable heartbeat.  This means you have a rudimentary nervous system.  By about the eighth week medically you go from embryo to fetus and measure just a little over an inch long.  You will have developed arms and legs with tiny little fingers and toes.


let’s talk options.  Is abortion an option?  Unfortunately, yes, abortion is an option.  However, is it the best option?  Well, it certainly isn’t the best option for the child.  Is it the best option for mom?  While she may think so at the time, it really isn’t.  Why you may ask?  Mom runs a risk of never being able to conceive again or may have difficulty carrying full-term.  She increases her risk of several different cancers; she risks emotional and psychological problems.  The incidence of alcohol and drug abuse increase exponentially after abortion.  If abortion is not a good option, then what other options does mom have?  The answer to that question is obviously based on mom’s situation.  Is mom basing her decision on finances, husband or boyfriend, family, her age, because she is still in school, or is she just scared? All these different scenarios have different solutions.  However, in any one of these situations her best bet is to seek help with someone that is going to help both her and her baby. In my very humble opinion ending the life of your child is never the answer.

Thank you for your attention and may God bless.

Guardian Angels of life can be reached at (609)-335-6587.  There are also available resources on our website