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Be the voice of an innocent child in the womb.

Come join us in a peaceful protest against Bill A4350/S2918. The protests is being held November 3 from 11 to 1 PM. The location is the public sidewalk along route US 206 North in front of Hillsboro New Jersey ShopRite complex. GPS coordinates are 601 US – 206 North Hillsboro New Jersey.

This bill was written by Planned Parenthood and Gov. Murphy. This legislation is all part of a large plan to make New Jersey a sanctuary state for abortion. Pro-abortion groups are wrapping up this abortion bill making it sound very innocuous by calling it the reproductive equity act. They’re using taxpayer money to murder children.

The corrupt and evil Biden administration.

Radical pro-abortion extremists in the White House and Biden administration are working to impose their demonic abortion-on-demand agenda on the nation.

Knowing they can’t get anything passed in the pro-life House of Representatives they are using presidential executive orders and government policies to force their “abortion till birth” policies on America.

  1. EXPOSE the plans of Biden and his anti-life fanatics.
  2. MOBILIZE America’s pro-life movement and all Americans of good will to rise up and demand an end to this abuse of power, and vote pro-abortion politicians out of office

Here are just a few examples of how these anti-life fanatics are using the full weight and power of the federal government to advance their radical pro-abortion agenda:

  • Joe Biden has signed TWO executive orders that circumvent Congress and promote abortion.
  • His HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) is trying to force health care workers to violate their consciences and take part in abortions.
  • In addition to that, HHS just announced the launch of a taxpayer funded national abortion hotline.
  • The Department of Justice is out there arresting peaceful pro-life protestors while ignoring the criminals who’ve vandalized churches and firebombed pregnancy centers.
  • The DOJ sued the state of Idaho because that state’s lawmakers are protecting the state’s mothers and babies from abortionists like convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.
  • The Department of Defense is using taxpayer dollars to cover the cost of female military personnel to have abortions.
  • Some Democrat state officials are pledging not to enforce any pro-life laws!

What the Democrats are hiding

Senate Democrats this week are expected to resurrect the equal rights amendment and call for a roll call vote on the amendment that has long since run out of time. The vote could come as early as Thursday. 

The amendment was first passed by Congress in 1972 and then required a ratification by 38 states in order to become part of the Constitution.  Congress set a 1982 deadline for ratification, and then that decline came and went, only 35 states ratified the amendment. Since then, some states have changed their minds.

The text of the amendment is innocent enough.  “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex”.  Sounds very noble. In fact, the Constitution already protects women, just as it protects man. There is no need for a separate amendment.

The evil details that are not spelled out in this amendment.  The reality of this amendment would be a disaster for the unborn, and for women, the potential ramifications include the following.

  • Legalizing abortion on demand.
  • Prohibiting schools from allowing separate sex athletic teams.
  • Prohibiting separate prisons for male and female prisoners.
  • Prohibiting separate public restrooms for male and females.
  • Requiring women’s register for the draft.
  • Requiring public funding for sex reassignment surgery is based on the argument that denying coverage would constitute sex discrimination.
  • Requiring doctors to provide puberty blockers to children who claim to identify as transgender.
  • Prohibiting religious organizations from having single-sex membership.

This administration is trying its best to remove the last shred of decency from this country. Please, do not allow this to escape your notice.  Contact your representative and say no to this abomination.

Your tax dollars to upgrade abortion clinics.

On January 4, 2023 the Murphy administration announced $10 million in forgivable loans i.e., taxpayer money, to improve facilities with equipment upgrades, increase staffing and expanded IT services. These loans were provided to all Planned Parenthood facilities in the state of New Jersey.  Murphy also announced that the New Jersey office of Homeland security and Preparedness will provide a new $5 million reproductive health security grant program toward up to $100,000 in funding to eligible New Jersey license abortion facilities that may be targeted by violence, property damage, vandalism, harassment, or similar illegal activities. 

Please read the March 9, 2023, Newsletter; Jane’s Revenge VS DOJ

Legislation out of Washington

No taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion Insurance full disclosure Act of 2023 (H.R.7).  This bill was sponsored by Congressmen Chris Smith of New Jersey.

This bill prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions or for health coverage that includes abortions. Such restrictions extend to the use of funds in the budget of the District of Columbia. Additionally, abortions may not be provided in federal healthcare facilities or by federal employees.

For decades, Americans of both parties have agreed that it is wrong to force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions policies like the Hyde amendment, which like the proposed legislation prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion, not only protecting taxpayers from this but having saved over 2 million pre-born lives.

Bill A3428

New Jersey Assemblyman Ronald Dancer has sponsored Bill A3428 which will repeal P.L. 2021, c.375, the radical abortion expansion bill signed into law by Governor Murphy on January 13, 2022.

New Jersey Senator Edward Durr is the sponsor of S2282, the Senate version of the bill which is identical to the Assembly version.   Please contact your State Senator and two Assembly Members and ask them to co-sponsor and support A3428/S2282.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on June 24 to end the constitutional right to an abortion in America changed nothing for people seeking to end of an unborn life in New Jersey.

Abortion is legal in the Garden State under a state law enacted in January. But the Democratic-led Legislature and Gov. Phil Murphy, also a Democrat, wanted to go a step further and send a message to the people living in the 26 states which have outlawed the procedure or will do so in the coming weeks.

Bill A4350/S2918

/S2918 will include, but is not limited to:

  • Providing “Free” abortions on demand up until the moment of birth, even if both mother and child are healthy.   These abortions will be mandated in all health insurance plans with no co-pays, no deductibles, no co-insurance.  This will increase premiums in all health insurance plans and make taxpayers complicit in the performance of, and funding for, all abortions that take place in our state.  The legislation includes a very narrow religious employer exclusion which only applies to churches or religious orders organized as non-profits.  These entities may request an exclusion to cover abortion if the coverage conflicts with their bona fide religious beliefs and practices but will be allowed if the abortion is necessary to save the life or health of the covered person.   It is important to note, however, that this exclusion will not apply to other non-profit religious employers or privately held for-profit businesses whose owners have religious objections to covering abortion in their health insurance plans.  
  • Mandating in law the new, unsafe rules adopted by the NJ Board of Medical Examiners that advanced practice nurses, certified nurse midwives and certified midwives can perform abortions in the first trimester as well as provide medication abortion.  It will also mandate in law that physician assistants can provide medication abortion and counseling.
  • Also mandating in law the dangerous new rules adopted by the NJ Board of Medical Examiners that abortions can be performed in an office setting regardless of the stage of gestation, as long as the facility has one operating room.
  • Mandating that a physician or other health care providers (includes nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, midwives, advanced practice nurse, physician assistants) acting within their scope of practice shall be authorized to provide and assist in abortion care in this state.  This specifically invalidates NJ’s 1974 Conscience Clause law for health care providers.
  • Expressly allowing minors to have abortions without parental consent or notification.
  • Prohibits the extradition and surrender of any person found in our state that receives, assists or provides or travels to our state from a state which has life protective laws to obtain abortions that are permitted under NJ  law. (This section appears to have been included in Bill A3974.S2642 which previously passed both houses of the legislature on 6/29/22 and was signed into law on 7/1/22 so it will most likely be omitted from the final version of this legislation).
  • Containing broadly worded language that will encompass and provide immunity from prosecution for sex traffickers, sexual predators of minors, and disreputable and unqualified clinicians and anyone else who comes from a state that has protections for babies in the womb for “receiving or seeking an abortion, performing or inducing a termination of an abortion, or knowingly engaging in conduct that aids or abets the performance, receipt or inducement of an abortion.” It will also shield abortion providers in NJ (which now include nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, advance practice nurses and physician assistants) from disciplinary actions for performing an abortion on a patient who travels from another state if that state has laws that protects the life of babies in the womb.  
  • Containing one-sided, extremely biased, and alarmingly broad language that will impose severe penalties and fines against individuals who peacefully exercise their first amendment rights outside abortion clinics.  See Sections 18-21 of A4350/S2918.  
  • Providing a recurring $20 million Reproductive Access Fund (paid for with taxpayer funds) to be automatically disbursed annually in the budget as listed below.

                     $ 5M to Expand training in abortion to increase the number of racial and ethnically diverse abortion providers.

                      $ 5M Grants to provide security personnel and law enforcement personnel at facilities providing abortions.

                     $10 M to provide “free” taxpayer-funded abortions for residents and non-residents who don’t have insurance.  

  • It also creates multiple layers of abortion bureaucracy in existing cabinets (Sections 22-27) to ensure oversight and continued funding for the above programs.

The lawmakers responsible for this abomination.

Your tax dollars could pay for abortions for veterans!

The current primary legislative sponsors are Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D-27), Assemblywoman Shanique Speight (D-29), Assemblywoman Sadaf Jaffer (D-16), The current co-sponsors are Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-31) and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-33), Annette Chaparro (D-33), Sterley Stanley (D-18), Britnee Timberlake (D-34), Anthony Verrelli (D-15),Clinton Calabrese (D-36) and Ellen Park (D-37).   The identical Senate bill, S2918, was introduced by  Senator Teresa Ruiz (D-29) and  Senator Vin Gopal (D-11) on 6/23/22 who are prime sponsors.  Senator Brian Stack (D-33) and Senator Nia Gill (D-34) are co-sponsors.

The U.S. Senate will be voting soon on whether to overturn a recent Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) rule that provides taxpayer funded abortions on-demand for veterans, and their spouses and kids. For decades, the law has stopped the VA from providing abortions in its health care benefits packages. Last September, the VA violated this law, as well as long-standing practices preventing taxpayer funding for elective abortion, and issued a regulation to provide such abortions – even in States where they’re now illegal. Further, the rule does not protect the conscience rights of workers who could be forced to participate in abortions. The U.S. Senate will vote soon to overturn the VA’s rule, and your senators need to hear from you. Please tell them to not turn VA hospitals into illegal abortion clinics. Women — especially our heroes in need of care — and their children deserve better.

Federal judge ruled that the deadly abortion pill was approved illegally

Last week, a federal judge ruled that the deadly abortion pill was approved illegally.If the decision is allowed to stand, that means access to the abortion pill could be restricted as early as Friday. This is a strong step forward but much more needs to be done, and preborn children need your voice now.We must demand that the FDA retract the distribution of the deadly abortion pill, which it recklessly approved in 2000.

Would you add your name to the petition to demand the FDA to protect women and children and reverse this deadly decision?

Since the FDA’s approval of mifepristone in 2000, the abortion pill has killed 5.6 million preborn children, and the number of babies whose lives are ended by this lethal method is skyrocketing. Over 50% of abortions in America are now committed by the abortion pill. 

However, despite receiving over 4,000 reports of adverse events from women experiencing hemorrhage, excruciating abdominal pain, and severe life-threatening infections, the FDA has continued to make this death cocktail more accessible—allowing pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid to dispense the deadly drugs.

 We must speak out.

Tell the FDA to retract the distribution of the abortion pill and protect the Americans that they claim to serve. Add your name to the petition today and forward it to everyone you know!

Your voice is critical – here is the link to sign: https://www. Liveaction,org/fda-petition/