Education on human development

Now and again, I get a piece of information across my desk that makes me extremely happy, and I’m sure it makes Planned Parenthood really angry.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed House Bill 2435, known as the baby Oliver Act, into law last week.  This bill ensures all public schools are required to show an approved parental development segment in the state-mandated age-appropriate family life curriculum.

The baby Oliver video is one of the approved for classroom use.  Although, any 30-minute video of ultrasound or computer animation that meets the standards of the Baby Oliver video and meets the safety requirements of the curriculum can be used.

The study of human development is a fascinating and essential element of science education.  With the passage of the baby Oliver act, students in the great state of Tennessee will be taught the knowledge they need to understand the amazing scientific process of how and when human life begins.

This is a critical step toward educating students about the incredible process of human development in the womb.

I applaud Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee for taking this bold step in telling the truth regarding human development and when life begins.

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