A gift from God

This beautiful newborn life is God’s gift and was delivered moments ago.  This child has a chance for a happy long life.  However, moments ago, while this child was still in the womb, abortion was still on the table.  The present administration in Washington DC wants to legislate federal law to make abortion legal from conception to delivery.  That means this child could have been slayed for no crime, with no due process of law, no jury, no defense, just slayed.  That is not justice.  That is just pure evil.  The state of New Jersey is a sanctuary state for abortion.  The state of New Jersey has just such a law, where just moments before an innocent child is born it can be slayed.

The present administration has vowed to pass federal legislation for abortion up to birth.  And it doesn’t matter whether you believe in abortion or not, you will still be paying for it with your tax dollars.  Please remember this when you’re standing in a voting booth to make your selection for president.

*Slay: to kill violently, wantonly, or in great numbers

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