Lie #2: Pre-term delivery is an abortion

Another viral story aimed at evoking compassion from voters is that of Amanda Zurawski.

Zurawski also lives in Texas, and at 18 weeks, she suffered cervical insufficiency (also called incompetent cervix) and PPROM. After being examined by doctors, she was told a miscarriage was inevitable, but since her daughter had a heartbeat, there was nothing doctors could do.

There was absolutely something doctors could do.

According to Dr. Christina Francis, board member and CEO-elect of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women with cervical insufficiency can be treated with a stitch, which is placed in the cervix to hold the baby in until she can survive outside the womb. Doctors would then carefully monitor the woman for signs of infection and provide the appropriate treatment, which would be the induction of labor — not an induced abortion. Inducing labor to save a woman’s life is completely legal in every state, because it is not the same as inducing an abortion. Pro-life laws prohibit induced abortion in which the preborn child is intentionally and actively killed.

Yet Zurawski was sent home for three days, and she unsurprisingly developed an infection.

When doctors finally did act, after Zurawski was suffering a sepsis infection, the procedure they carried out was a “premature delivery” for a child who was too young to survive, not an abortion.

As for the PPROM she suffered,  Zurawski’s doctors didn’t monitor her as they should have. They failed her, and they failed her daughter, Willow.

Zurawski’s claims eventually made their way through the media into the courthouse and finally into a pro-abortion advertisement for Biden’s reelection campaign. But pro-life laws weren’t to blame for her tragic situation — negligent doctors were.

To be clear:

Induced abortion is when a living preborn child is intentionally killed prior to delivery through dismemberment, induced cardiac arrest, suction abortion, or abortion drugs. The purpose of the abortion procedure in an induced abortion is to produce a dead baby.

Induced preterm delivery, on the other hand, is when the child is delivered prematurely due to a medical emergency, and doctors work to save both the mother and child. If the child is too young to survive or unable to be saved, it is a tragic effect of having to be delivered early. Pregnancies can be ended without killing the baby first. See the difference? Watch the video below for more Details;

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