“Comedian” W. Kamau Bell says give Fathers the “Gift of Abortion”

It’s hard not to think of the moral depravity of people like Comedian and television host W. Kamau Bell when he told people across the country to give their fathers the “gift of abortion” this Father’s Day.  Host to CNN’s United Shades of America, Bell is a one-man wrecking ball to traditional American families and the values that made Western nations great.

He gives us his personal views, mostly post-Modernism wrapped in a nihilistic pajama suit.  His views range from Defund the Police, purposeful medical discrimination against blacks, Black Lives Matter (and anti-White), forced equal outcomes in schools, reparations for blacks, and being ‘woke’ isn’t enough.  Check, Check, and Check … he checks off all the Cancel Culture “isms” and is on board with forcing you to accept his values or go to jail.

The fact that CNN would host his rantings on America is beyond disgusting.  W. Kamau Bell is the epitome of a racist.  His ideas are spreading and will help keep blacks down in America while encouraging the abortion of black babies.  The irony is his position on society kills more blacks and does more harm to the black race than anything he claims he stands against.

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  1. This is what our society produces when you focus your life on a lie and do everything you can to maintain that lie thru willful blindness and hanging out with those who reject morality.

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