The definition of priority;

Priority refers to the level of importance or urgency assigned to a task, action, or item. It is used to determine the order in which tasks should be completed or items should be dealt with. Higher priority tasks or items are considered more important and are typically addressed before lower priority ones.

I am starting this article with this disclaimer; I do not condone or agree with the mistreatment of animals in any way, shape, or form.

Many times, I find myself watching commercials regarding the protection of various animals in the world.  While I agree, we are the stewards of this planet, and the responsibility of these creatures falls on our shoulders.  That being said, the part of this that upsets me is, we seem to prioritize the life of an animal over the life of an innocent human child in the womb.  It seems to me, as a society we have no trouble spending many thousands of dollars saving the whales, polar bears, seals, elephants and many other species of animal without giving the slightest consideration for our own species, the human being.  The brutal slaughter of the innocents in the mother’s womb is beyond imagination.  There are so many other alternatives women can pursue.  These alternatives not only save the life of an innocent child, but very possibly the life of the mother as well.

The next time you see an ASPCA commercial, or any one of a number of commercials to save an animal, please, consider prioritizing your donation to the human species with a donation to the Guardian Angels of Life organization, or anyone of a number of different pro-life organizations.  Your donation may well save multiple lives.

It’s very easy to donate.  Just click on the donate page.  Select the donate button, fill in the amount you wish to donate, and select checkout.  Fill in the information requested and select donate.  It’s just that easy.  Please keep in mind, this is a secure website, so you don’t have to worry about your information.  

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