Reality of abortion

Reality of abortion

Yes, the image in this article is graphic. and a number of people expressed concern about political correctness and possibly offending people. I don’t know how you could worry about political correctness when looking upon this image.  The image of a child that was just brutally murdered in its mother’s womb for a crime no greater than inconvenience. If you are offended by this image, GOOD!  I would recommend you do something about it, join a pro-life ministry and stop the barbaric slaughter of innocent children in the womb.  Every time I drive past an abortion clinic, I get a physical pain in my heart because I know the horror that is taking place inside that office.  I implore you, be the voice for an innocent child that can neither speak up for itself or defend itself against this brutal attack.

The instrument in Fig 1, is called a Sopher clamp.  It measures about 11 inches long and has sharp grasping teeth, it’s designed to clamp down and not release whatever it grasps.  This instrument is used in one of the most barbaric procedures mankind has ever devised, the abortion.  The abortion is where we dispatch the most vulnerable and innocent of our species, the human child.

Fig 1

A second trimester abortion procedure starts 24 to 48 hours before the actual abortion.  The abortionist has to dilate to uterus as the child is much too large.  The abortionist uses something called a Laminaria.  This is made of seaweed and absorbs water and swells, thereby enlarging the cervix.  The abortionist gives the mother anesthesia to block her pain.  He then uses a suction tube to suck out the amniotic fluid. Due to the child size, the abortionist must use this instrument of death called the Sopher clamp.  The abortionist entering through the cervix uses the clamp to grasp an arm, a leg, or other body part of this living child, that feels pain, and proceeds to remove these parts piece by piece from the mother’s womb.

Once the child has been murdered and all of the baby’s parts are removed, the abortionist uses a curette to scrape out the uterus. He does this to make sure he has gotten all of the baby’s parts.

Now, the abortionist must then reassemble the baby’s parts on a tray to make sure nothing is left in the mother.

The above procedure describes a second trimester dilation and evacuation abortion.  This is just one of many different types of procedure Planned Parenthood has come up with to disburse of innocent life.  They are all equally brutal, and all equally painful, some more so than others.

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