Deconstructing the Pro-Abortion Argument

Last month, the Supreme Court decided to overturn the historic decision of Roe v. Wade. For most states in the US, this means the ban on abortions are following suit. Many people disagree with this ruling saying it is only hurting women’s rights. A lot of pro-abortion advocates also push for many other limitations on freedoms such as vaccines, free speech, and parental influence in schools. For most people who are pro-abortion, they simply place most of the “choice” on abortion and the unborn baby in the mother’s womb. 

The first argument and the most important point, when is a life a life? Pro-abortion believes that it begins at birth, while Pro-life believes it begins at conception. Fundamentally,  Pro-abortion beliefs follow the ideas that a baby is not a living human until it is outside of the uterus until it begins to breathe. While that is one characteristic of a human, God designed the mother’s woman to fully sustain the baby through allowing it to absorb oxygen rich blood. This baby is a human, who is fully reliant on their mother while it develops. When a baby begins their life in the womb, their DNA is already established. Things such as their hair, skin, and eye color are already decided. Between 5 and 10 weeks is the most crucial point of growth for this baby. They develop their cerebral cortex at 5 weeks and at 10 weeks is when the baby is able to feel touch. This means the baby is able to feel pain. When receiving an abortion, this living person is able to feel the pain that you are making it suffer through. The only difference between this baby and a newborn is their full dependence on their mother. 

“My body, My choice” is the slogan for the Pro-Abortion movement. This slogan fails to acknowledge that the mother is not the only human being affected by this choice. The father and the baby are the two major parties impacted by the mother’s choices. The baby for obvious reasons their life is being snuffed out. This child’s father is also responsible for its life; therefore, he should share the responsibilities and choices involved with this baby. In regard to this baby’s life, how is a private killing (abortion) different than a public killing, since you are snuffing out the baby’s life and potential. Many of Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion marketing is derived from the “eugenics movement” which means they want to eliminate minorities and handicapped individuals of this world. No life should be undervalued or discriminated against for something they cannot choose. 

A huge driving  point for abortion is that is it considered to empower women. Since, the woman is “making an important decision about her body and her future.” Well, according to Pastor Vladimir Savchuk an author and speaker, finds that “abortion has become a means of eliminating females around the world.” It is found that males are considered more useful for the economic survival in impoverished nations. This global gap is about 100 to 200 million difference. While we have our own battle here in the US. For example, Black children are aborted at a higher rate (about times) and Hispanic children at one and a half times. This is an attempt at eliminating minorities by Planned Parenthood. 

These are just some examples of what is commonly used in the Pro-Life vs Pro-Abortion argument. No matter how you look at it, abortion is wrong. This dangerous practice not only harms the mother, but the father and unborn life as well. Read The Full Article Here: 8 Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Abortion Arguments (

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  1. U grow in your mother’s womb n
    U grow outside your mother’s wombs,
    Ur cells grow inside the womb
    Ur cells grow outside the womb
    Ur mother feeds you in the womb
    U mother feeds u outside the womb

    So how can you say that is not a person!

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