Life is not religious

What does pro life mean to you? Is it morals or religion? According to Alan Shlemon, being pro life does not have to be faith based. Many pro lifers do not use their religion to justify their position. This is more of an attack on human life than religion.
For this to be understood one does not need the Bible or God to be valid.

As Alan Shlemon proposes, theses logical points of view:
“Premise 1: Even non christians think It’s wrong to kill innocent human beings
Premise 2: Abortion kills an innocent human being
Conculsion: Therefore, abortion is wrong”

As shown there has been no mention of God or the Bible. Each premise can be defended by claiming that murder is still muder no matter the age of the child; whether or not they are 4 weeks old or 14 years old. Most people feel killing innocent human beings is wrong.

By using the science of embryology premise 2 can be defended. As defined from ThoughtCo. “An embryo is the early form of a living thing after fertilization has occurred during the development process but before birth.” Therefore, this justifies an embryo as a being alive.
So, what is the difference between an embryo and a full-grown child?

As explained, being pro-life is a moral decision not a religious commandment.

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    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for your comment on government involvement with abortions. Many independent news sites have reported that fetal tissue and fetal organs have been sold for monetary gain. Therefore the government as well as other organizations are able to profit from this heinous act.!!

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