The Death Pill

2023 is off to a rough start. The pro-life movement was just given a devastating blow. The FDA has just announced that pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS will be allowed to hand out the deadly abortion pill. 

Now, all that’s needed for a mother to end her baby’s life is a prescription for a lethal abortion drug.    It’s absolutely disgusting that pharmacists will now be dispensing lethal poison that ends an innocent human life alongside antibiotics and allergy medication.   

This is tragic, and it MUST galvanize us to fight back in defense of innocent children like never before.    While abortion facilities are shutting down throughout the country after Roe v. Wade, the number of at-home abortions via the abortion pill is drastically rising. Use of the abortion pill regimen now makes up an astounding 53% of nationally reported abortion numbers.   This news is tragic not only for the innocent, tiny victims of abortion but also for their mothers.    Since its approval by the FDA in 2000, the abortion pill has killed at least 28 women (just the deaths that have been reported) and has harmed countless others — and 5.6 million preborn children have been killed in the womb.

Our federal government’s tragic embrace of the abortion pill shows why we have to fight harder than ever. Even the most horrific problems can be an opportunity in service of what is right. We must use this opportunity to expose the truth about the abortion pill and provide mothers and families with life-affirming solutions.   

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