Inspiration what is it?

As I sat in my office pondering the subject matter of my next article.  It occurred to me, my thoughts were, I am writing the article for the website, these are my ideas, I have to think of something, I have to write something inspirational.  Then a funny thing happened.  It suddenly occurred to me, the best articles on the website just flowed almost effortlessly.  Going back and reviewing these articles, I realized, I’m just not that smart.  These inspirations, thoughts, and words came to me from a power far greater than mine.  This realization was very humbling. 

Whatever your philosophy, whatever your religious conviction, God, no matter what name you recognize him by represents love.  Love does not destroy life.  Love nurtures and preserves all living things.  This includes the innocent child a woman carries in her.  While I would not be so presumptuous as to speak for God, I’m pretty confident he would not put a child in the womb of a woman for the purpose of slaughter.  No matter how you try to justify abortion, it’s against the very nature of love.  Therefore, it’s only logical to say, it’s against God.

The next time you go to church, walk somewhere, drive to the store, or going to bed, please, whisper a prayer for the innocent child being carried in the womb of a woman that may be considering abortion.  My upbringing taught me, God answers all prayers.  If we whisper enough prayers, perhaps we can end the senseless slaughter of innocents.  

A quick story to put this in perspective.  One afternoon, I was at lunch with the priest.  We were having a very pleasant conversation before our lunch arrived.  I explained to father, when I go to my reward, I would like to become a guardian angel for children.  Without blinking, father responded.  “God will no doubt let you do that, but he’ll probably want you to go through anger management first.”  Yes, father and I still have lunch from time to time.

4 Comments on “Inspiration what is it?

  1. Yes, love does not destroy it nurtures life. Even for those who don’t believe there is a God there is no disputing this fact. I not only pray for the innocent child but for the mother considering abortion. May they feel God’s grace.

  2. Your article moved me, While I so believe in the power of prayer, I rarely take the time to “whisper a prayer” for the women and babies that may be in need. I will surely commit to praying more often.

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