Our Website is Now Online

Good news!  Thanks to many dedicated volunteers, our new website is online.  We haven’t finished it just yet.  But, the site is a beginning and helps those who want to choose life over abortion.  Help get the word out.  Let your family and friends know about our site.  We’ll keep it up-to-date with the newest news and opinion pieces about what’s happening in America.  Our focus will be on our state of New Jersey, but all those interested in the Right to Life movement can find inspiration here.

4 Comments on “Our Website is Now Online”

  1. Congratulations folks, keep doing what you’re doing to protect the unborn and innocents of the world. God has a special place for you in heaven and the Devil has a special place too for those who would knowingly take the life of an unborn child. That is why the American Democrat Party is the party of evil, hate, envy, and willful blindness. I wish all of you the most success ever.

  2. Yes, like others have written, good luck with your organization. I’ll help spread the word about your group and your new website. We live in southern Illinois where there are many communities that are like yours. Keep fighting to protect the innocent babies.

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