Announcing our Special Gala Event on October 28, 2022

Our Guardian Angels of Life will be hosting a special gala event on Friday, October 28, 2022 at 6 pm.  The gala will be at the Seaview Country Club located at 401 South New York Road, Galloway, NJ.  Attire is semi-formal.  Tickets are $125 each (a really good price).  We are honored to have Pamela Whitehead as our main speaker.  Also, Father Michael Mannion will speak.  Hotel rooms at the Seaview are available upon request.  All proceeds go to purchase a mobile ultrasound and van.

11 Comments on “Announcing our Special Gala Event on October 28, 2022”

  1. Good luck with your gala fundraiser. I live too far away; Illinois, so I cannot attend. But you have my best wishes and prayers that you raise enough for your mobile sonogram and van.

    1. Thank you for your comments this is a huge event that we are hoping to make a difference ! Donation to our event are very much apprieciated

  2. I agree with Debbie, please if you can’t make our gala, please donate. Every little bit helps.
    The statistics state that more than 90% of abortion minded women that seeing image of their child or hear the heartbeat will choose wife.

    1. Thank you for your comment Dave! It is true about the imaging. Don’t you want to be part of saving a life?

    2. i cant wait to go i live 15 minutes from there and i have plenty of pictures to show of a fetus that has been killed by a bullet fired by a AR 15. i cant stand seeing our children dying every day of gun deaths. i have lots of pictures from crime scenes showing the damage of an AR 15 bullet to a childs body and head i hope you are all in for saving the children like i am 125 bucks is nothing right

  3. i can not wait to show up and save the children .i have pictures of a fetus blown away by a bullet fired by a AR 15. i have many pictures i will be glad to show of children shot and killed by a AR 15 bullet , we all want to save the children ,please help us save every child , those guns are killers and they are killing our precious children way more than abortions

  4. they are pro womb not pro life ,they stop caring about us when we are born, they only care about us in the womb . they are full of BS

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