Memorial Day 2022

Notable humanitarian, educator, and tennis player Arthur Ashe once said, “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Each year, Memorial Day offers us an opportunity to reflect on those who have given the last full measure in service to our great Nation and with the aim of securing freedom throughout the world. We owe the deepest debt of gratitude to all who paid the ultimate price in the line of duty, and to the loved ones they left behind. This Memorial Day, let us remember the greatness of past generations and find inspiration in their courage, devotion, and selfless determination.

7 Comments on “Memorial Day 2022”

    1. You got that right, girl. The very patriots we honor are those same individuals who support our cause of stopping the killing of innocent babies. American is slowly turning against abortion. We see that in polls and in everyday comments on the Internet. Our challenge is to respectfully and skillfully convince the hardcore pro-abortion holdouts that what they do is immoral. Teach responsibility instead.

  1. Someone greeted me today and said “happy Memorial Day.” I said, “thanks but it’s not a happy time but a day of remembrance.” The man said he appreciated the polite correction. Not many folks would take the time. I just thought it important.

    1. I had a wonderful Memorial Day, Army Capt. Like many, I find that there are many more who think like us: American Patriots who support life, God and our country. It matters not your past, you are all welcome to help us put an end to the horrible deed of killing the unborn. ❤

  2. Good for you, Army Captain. BTW, this new right-to-life group is doing the right thing by helping protect babies. In our godless society, our politicians are going out of their way to encourage depravity and laziness. Do what is good and godly. You will always succeed.

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