Guardian Angels of Life Needs You to Stand for Life

Over the past 50 years, under the shadow of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, abortion has taken the lives of more than 63 million unborn American children.1  

But the tragedy of abortion isn’t limited to the unborn child who loses her life.  The mother who aborts her child is also Roe’s victim.  She is the victim of a callous industry created to take lives; an industry that claims to provide for “women’s health,” but denies the reality that far too many American women suffer devastating physical and psychological damage following abortion.  

The abortion industry tries to dismiss reports and studies of post-abortive trauma.  But even as far back as the 1980s, scientific researchers and the mainstream media were documenting the reality of abortion’s consequences.

We are reaching out to you for your help to put an end to the evil of abortion.  The taking of innocent life is a cause that is growing.  It is the most important thing we can do in the 21st Century.  Be on the side of life, take up the noble cause with us, and be someone who can be looked upon as a hero to the unborn.

Our small effort is growing and folks all across the nation are recognizing what we do is making a difference.2 

Join us now!



6 Comments on “Guardian Angels of Life Needs You to Stand for Life”

  1. Best of wishes to you on your “noble cause” and God Bless you all. I see you are linked with Gen. Doug Satterfield. He writes about leadership and also has a book out on the Iraq War. Good luck. We are on your side.

  2. Wow, great work being done here. Thank you all. I see your website is not fully operational but I like it.

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