The Greatest Civil Rights Issue: Update

We firmly believe that the greatest civil rights issue of the 21st Century is protecting unborn children from death.  There is no greater noble cause than to stand with the innocent.  There is no excuse not to.

Our view in a post-modern world is wildly unpopular, and we openly admit it.  Many see our stance to protect the unborn as sexist and bigoted, uniformed and preachy, and proof of my moral inferiority.

Several months ago, we were disgusted by the news that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a “reproductive rights act” that legalizes abortion on demand up to physical birth.1

When the bill passed, video shows the assembly chamber erupting into cheers, with politicians and audience members rising and applauding the bill as if it were a great victory over a marauding evil.2

We believe we have failed our society when an automatic reaction to any pregnancy is fear and loathing rather than happiness.  We hear that a woman may fear she cannot provide for herself and her child to have a good life.  Yes, we all must do better.3

There are legitimate alternatives to abortion.  These were ignored in New Jersey’s new law.

There is no higher calling in life than to stand guard over the lives of those who cannot protect themselves.  We stand with the innocent.


  1. The law also makes it mandatory that “all qualified health care professionals to provide pregnancy termination services in the State.”
  2. What is next? The recently defeated governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, openly advocated for infanticide.
  3. There is no lack of economic or emotional support for mothers with this fear. Times have changed from the dark days of unwanted pregnancies of long ago.  Pregnancy support systems are well-established and proven effective.  And those systems do not stop after the baby is born.

Reprinted by permission. The original article by Doug Satterfield can be found at this link:

6 Comments on “The Greatest Civil Rights Issue: Update”

  1. I am in wholehearted agreement with Doug Satterfield and your entire organization. The opinion of most Americans is moving away from abortion. We are slowly realizing that abortion is a true evil that must be openly admitted or else we will live with the horrific consequences.

  2. POW! Great article! The best idea yet. There are noble causes, and protecting babies from being killed by murderers is one of them. As a Christian, I believe we have a moral obligation to protect the weak, the innocent, and infirm. Come together as a team. Be strong. Stand tall. ✝️

  3. Well thought out. 😃 I agree this is a major civil rights issue but the libs don’t see it that way. Death is their ideology.

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