Every Human Being is More Than a Choice

We’re abortion survivors! So begins the beginning of a new organization that is bringing the stories of abortion survivors to light. Often, we hear of the stories of botched abortions, and the horror of these procedures are more common than many of us would like to admit. Now comes the stories of those who actually survived those botched abortions. They’re grown up and they have a voice.

The mission of The Abortion Survivors Network is “To create a world where the incidence of failed abortions and the lives of survivors is openly discussed and accepted, and survivors and their families are supported and healed.”

“We’re your voice.” – The Abortion Survivors Network

Have you survived an abortion attempt? This group would love to hear from you. Log into their website and share your experience with them. As a survivor, you have meaning, more than you might know. Sign up for their newsletter. Get involved. Join their effort to raise awareness of failure of the abortion lobby. Forgiveness is part of their goal.

1. https://abortionsurvivors.org/

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  1. Thank God for this network. Survivors need to share their story and come together to give support to others who are going through the same thing. We can sympathize with them but only those who are experiencing what they have experienced can really understand what it is to be a survivor of abortion.

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