The Second Trimester

Week 13, Fine hair begins growing on your head, and your gender becomes apparent.

Month 4, by the end of this month you will be about 8 to 10 inches long and weigh about a half a pound or more.  Your mother will begin to show.  Your ears are functioning now and there is evidence that you hear quite a bit.  Your mother’s voice and heartbeat as well as external noises.  Your umbilical cord has become an engineering marvel, transporting 300 quarts of liquid per day and completing a round-trip of fluids every 30 seconds.

Month 5, Half of your mother’s pregnancy has now passed and you are about 12 inches long. Your mother has definitely begun to feel you move.  If a sound is especially loud or startling you may jump in reaction to the sound.

Month 6, Your oil and sweat glands are functioning.  Your delicate skin is protected from the fetal waters by a special ointment called “vernix”.  If you are born in this month and given the proper care you would definitely survive.

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  1. You’ve got a great short series going on here. Thanks! The difficulty is that those who have bought the propaganda that a baby is just a clump of cells will not be swayed by facts. They live on emotion only.

    1. Yes, and that is one of the many truths of this movement. The biggest issue next to the murdering is the spread of lies.

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