The Third Trimester

Month 7, You now use all four senses of vision, hearing, taste and touch.  You recognize your mother’s voice.

Month 8, Your skin begins to thicken with a layer of fat stored underneath for insulation and nourishment.  Your anybody’s increasingly build-up.  You absorb a gallon of amniotic fluid per day; this fluid is completely replaced every three hours.

Month 9, Toward the end of this month, you are ready for birth. The average duration for pregnancy is 280 days from the first day of the mothers last menstrual cycle, but this varies from person to person.  By this time, you will normally weigh 6 to 9 pounds and your heart is pumping about 300 gallons of blood per day, you are fully capable of life outside of the womb. 

Note: The growth patterns described in this article is recognized medical information, documented by scientific research.  Slight variations in development days may exist from individual to individual.

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