The Scoop About Pro-Life Women

An article by Deanna Falchook takes us on her journey into what she learned about pro-life women after she had an abortion.1  Deanna comments that she was purposefully misled by pro-abortion women about abortion and its effect on women.

“Before my abortion, I had a warped preconception about the character of pro-life women.  Convinced they were all judgmental, self-righteous, and filled with little concern for my wellbeing, I preferred not to associate with them.  I saw them as women who were misinformed, ultra-conservative, groveling at the feet of their husbands, women who had picket signs attached to their uteruses, carried fetal models in their purses at all times, and had no sense of style, including big, Texan hair.”

Deanna says that she wanted nothing to do with them.  She tells the story that the stereotype of those pro-abortion women was a big reason she decided to call herself “pro-choice” and support abortion.  She didn’t want to be part of women who “indoctrinated” women based on restrictive male narratives.

“I became pro-life about five minutes after my baby was painfully sucked out of my body.  That was over 20 years ago.  I could’ve cared less at that point what the pro-life women looked like, smelled like, or talked like.  I just knew that the pro-choice women who looked all cool in their bra-less halters and flat hair ruined my life with their bait-and-switch rhetoric.  They baited me into a lie in minimizing the after-effects of the abortion experience, and then when I said, “Hey, what was that?” they grew silent and didn’t look so cool anymore.”

She told no one about her abortion, and she didn’t find healing until years later.  She found that it was the pro-life women who came to her aide, not those who identified as “pro-choice” and supposedly were all for women.  The pro-abortion women were not there for her.   Deanna then describes those women in the pro-life movement who were nothing like the stereotype she had held so tightly.  She had believed the propaganda but now sees it as being all wrong.

“Pro-life women don’t live up to the stereotype.  They come from everywhere.  Some do have big Texan hair, and some have hair that sticks to the side of our faces from the New Orleans humidity (present company guilty).  This year alone they have successfully fought to close abortion facilities, change policy, open pregnancy clinics, make pro-life movies, heal women after abortion, find new jobs for abortion workers, cry and pray with women, meet with the U.S. president, educate abortion-minded women, and save the lives of babies.”

Pro-life women numbers are growing.  And I, like Deanna, am proud to call myself a pro-life woman.



Reprinted by permission. The original article by Nancy Silvestri can be found at this link:

7 Comments on “The Scoop About Pro-Life Women”

  1. Ms Silvestri. Thank you for alerting me to those who continually stereotype those of us who believe in protecting life. Too many who claim they are for women and health are only in it for themselves. Evil walks among us and we can’t even see it.

  2. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read my article. I am very greatful for all your positive responses.

    1. Great article and thank you so much for supporting life and not falling for the ingrained propaganda put forward by “pro-choice” (actually pro-abortion) advocates. I’m praying the little ones survive in today’s world but that chance is reduced by the “progressives” who identify with the party of death and hate.

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