Behind the Word “Choice” is a Person

The emotions-based discussion over the value of human life continues throughout America and much of the West.  Such a debate is significant because it brings forth some of our most basic values and puts them on public display for all to see and appreciate.  I am a supporter of life.  And it follows that I believe the greatest Civil Rights issue of the 21st Century is protecting unborn children from death.

I was recently introduced to a community of folks; their stories were a bombshell.  They are abortion survivors.  If you’ve never heard of them, don’t be surprised.  They are few.  But they are coming out and telling stories of their mothers attempting to abort them in the womb.  And a small number are telling their stories publically, like never before.

“We’re someone’s son or daughter, grandchild, sibling, niece or nephew, cousin, friend, co-worker, neighbor.  Many of us are someone’s spouse, someone’s parent.”  – The Abortion Survivor Network

They provide a “voice for survivors” who may not want to share their circumstances.  Being a survivor of your mother who wanted you killed is not easy.  You have to admit that there was a murderous intent by your very own mother who wanted you dead.  Think about that for just a moment.  It can put chills down your spine.

Many abortion survivors have issues with trust, healthy relationships, and boundaries.  They can experience high levels of anxiety and bouts of depression.  Maybe they have difficulty concentrating and focusing.  Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, or feelings of survivor’s guilt.  These are genuine emotions.  Shocking?  Yes, absolutely.

Leaders in this wonderful organization believe it is better to know the truth than keep it a secret.  The best thing is to let the survivor know they are not alone.

The debate over abortion in America is fraught with emotion and likely will not be resolved soon.  It will not be resolved because the idea of abortion is nested within a broader discussion of sexuality and that discussion is not happening.

I recommend reading their blog (link here).

Reprinted by permission. The original article by Doug Satterfield can be found at this link:

7 Comments on “Behind the Word “Choice” is a Person”

  1. A beautifully written article of the heart wrenching stories of abortion survivors.
    God bless them and all our babies born and unborn.

    1. Armywife, you are absolutely right. And, I’m starting to think that those who are pro-abortion are not just dumb or uninformed but that a strain of evil runs through their hearts.

  2. Imagine, if u will, that we help get the message out that there is a life behind pro abortion decisions. Killing babies – literally- is evil. The is no maybe or almost. It is evil incarnate. 👍

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