“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Luke 23:34

This is the first thing Jesus said from the cross.  We at Guardian Angels of Life would like to try and rectify that to the best of our ability.

Someone once asked me, why we were working so hard to put an ultrasound bus on the road. I can sum-up the answer in one word: education.  I have said many times that up to 90% of abortion minded women that see an image of their child or hear their heartbeat choose life.  This is much too big a number to walk away from.  The reason this number is so high, is because these people are being lied to, and are woefully uninformed.  Once they realize the truth and understand what they’re actually doing most women will change their mind and choose life.  It is my promise that Guardian Angels of Life to be absolutely truthful with the information and resources that we provide to prospective mothers and fathers.  The very first line in Guardian Angels of Life mission statement is, “The Guardian Angels of Life mission, is to gently persuade people to develop respect and to preserve the dignity and sanctity of human life through prayer and education.

Many times, I’ll start a presentation with, “the miracle of birth happens at conception not at delivery”.  Life begins, when 23 chromosomes from your mother and 23 chromosomes from your father were introduced.  This forms DNA, Dioxane Nucleic Acid, the building blocks of human life, and this makes you a unique individual, and just as human as someone that has been walking around for years.  At conception, you are a human being and are about the size of a grain of sand, you have all of the characteristics you will go through life.


At this stage of your life, you are referred to medically as a zygote.  In your life, you will go through several stages of development, Zygote, Blastocyst, Embryo, Fetus, Delivery, Infant, Toddler, Child, Preadolescent, Adolescent, Etc.

Abortion is a multi-million-dollar business, and I assure you; you will never hear this information from Planned Parenthood.  So, let’s examine what happens to the woman after an abortion. Statistics show that women who had abortions are six times more likely to commit suicide. Women who had abortions are 17% more likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol. After an abortion a woman can have difficulty conceiving and may also have difficulty carrying full-term.  Abortion also increases a woman’s risk of developing breast, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancers.  Abortion is definitely not in the best interest of a woman’s health, nor is it healthcare.

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  1. This article shows you the stages baby grows !
    Stages outside the womb n inside the womb when a baby is born !So why do people think it is just a clump of cells in the womb ? When after they are outside of womb it a baby
    Yet both go through stages ! Both inside the womb it a baby !
    Outside the womb it a baby
    Great article!

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