The Diary of an unborn child

October 5:

Today my life began.  My parents do not know it yet, I am as small as a grain of sand.  I am a little girl.  I will have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Just about everything about me has already been decided, even the fact that I will love flowers.

October 19:

Some say, I am not a real person, that only my mother exists.  But, I am a real person, with unique DNA and just as much a life as my mommy and my daddy.

October 23:

Today my mouth is just beginning to open.  Just think, in a year or so I’ll be laughing and later talking. I know what my first word will be; MAMA.

November 2:

I am growing more and more every day.  My arms and legs are beginning to take shape.  But I’ll have to wait a long time before those little legs will raise me up to my mommy’s arms, before my arms will be able to gather flowers and embrace my daddy.

November 12:

My tiny fingers are beginning to form on my hands.  Funny how small they are!  But I will be able to stroke my mommy’s hair with them.

November 20:

Today the doctor told my mommy the that I am living just under her heart.  Oh, how happy she must be!  Are you happy mommy?

November 25:

My mommy and daddy are probably thinking about names for me.  But they don’t even know, I am a little girl.  I would like to be called Kathy.  I am getting so big already.

December 10:

My hair is growing.  It is smooth and bright and shiny.  I wonder what kind of hair my mommy has?

December 13:

I am just about able to see.  It is dark around me.  When my mommy brings me into the world it will be full of sunshine and flowers.

December 24:

I wonder if my mommy hears the whispering of my heart?  Some children come into the world a little sick.  But my heart is strong and healthy.  It beats so evenly: tup-tup, tup-tup.  You’ll have a healthy little girl mommy!

December 28:

Today my mommy killed me.

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